Something cinematic

2021.10.23 01:27 Haunting_Strike Something cinematic

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2021.10.23 01:27 peachcobbler7 Tips for new owner :)

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2021.10.23 01:27 -YusukeZoldyck- [Malakai Black] All men are capable of being corrupted. The signature you put down for your soul when you picked up that chair was dipped in blood, Rhodes. Tomorrow we dance with Devil one last time.

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2021.10.23 01:27 -_necx_- Blood Moon Lobby (REAL)

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2021.10.23 01:27 Accomplished-Print85 Abegail Reyes (Gail Reyes)

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2021.10.23 01:27 Extra-Kaleidoscope62 Anyone want to hook up? Athletic build and well hung- white male

Let me know
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2021.10.23 01:27 Late_Mycologist1317 Good project

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2021.10.23 01:27 jayggodd Is this new growth happening?? Should I be worried

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2021.10.23 01:27 BaaGuru Monsoon fury - Citizens are spending exorbitant amounts on towing crew to salvage vehicles stuck in slush

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2021.10.23 01:27 polnareff_land_211 Imagine with the Cursed Sword run

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2021.10.23 01:27 Otherwise_Elephant easy ILR economic policy electives?

need some help choosing a class to fulfill the ILR economic policy elective req. i hear econ 3300 w/ prof boyer is pretty good.
i'm not looking for anything super intense/math-heavy β€” just want a class where i can earn a good grade if i put in the work. thank you!
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2021.10.23 01:27 devdolphy How to Handle Rejection

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2021.10.23 01:27 JustTheWehrst When you gotta call out the next day

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2021.10.23 01:27 VioletSilver0928 I can’t log into Reddit on my laptop, it says β€œyour session has expired, please refresh and try again”, so I did, still same thing

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2021.10.23 01:27 AppropriateHearing21 si soy xd
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2021.10.23 01:27 IronGapple Ruka a Sith Lord Confirmed? (Chapter 209)

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2021.10.23 01:27 Rand0mEntity is 4.4.1 update working now ?

gday all !!
im still on 4.3.1 as i was worried about the updates not working (as seen on here) was the last update a fix ? or if you updated from 3.1 to 4.0 did you not have an issue ? i wanted to do a poll but i dont thnk this sub allows it.
i wonder what the common issue is with the people it didnt work for ? hardware, software ?

so i havnt updated yet, as everything works on 3.1, but obviously id like to keep everything up to date, but am jsut holding off until everything is okay.
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2021.10.23 01:27 deefswen Χ©ΧœΧ•Χ Χ©ΧœΧ•Χ

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2021.10.23 01:27 dontbenebby Why can the governor of Missouri prosecute a reporter for running "view source" when any web page request, even one within the same state to another entity in the same state, almost always crosses state lines?

I was reading this NPR article:
As a privacy and security researcher with a master's degree and numerous publications on the subject, I found this curious since in my experience, requests on the internet sometimes go international rather than directly to the expected server due to congestion etc -- this is the nature of the internet.
For example, I sent a request to a university in my home city, and the requests routed through Maryland and Virginia, and that's without getting into things like DNS queries.
Given that internet communications are inherently interstate, how can a state level official prosecute such a crime?
Could the FBI / feds stop such a case? Conversely if the prosecution failed could they also choose to prosecute?
I'm especially interested since here in my home state (PA) there's pretty unique language in our legal code (emphasis added)
Β§ 7613. Computer theft. (a) Offense defined.--A person commits an offense if he unlawfully accesses or exceeds his authorization to access any data from a computer, computer system or computer network or takes or copies any supporting documentation whether existing or residing internal or external to a computer, computer system or computer network of another with the intent to deprive him thereof.
Β§ 7611. Unlawful use of computer and other computer crimes.
(a) Offense defined.--A person commits the offense of unlawful use of a computer if he:
(1) accesses or exceeds authorization to access, alters, damages or destroys any computer, computer system, computer network, computer software, computer program, computer database, World Wide Web site or telecommunication device or any part thereof with the intent to interrupt the normal functioning of a person or to devise or execute any scheme or artifice to defraud or deceive or control property or services by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations or promises;
(2) intentionally and without authorization accesses or exceeds authorization to access, alters, interferes with the operation of, damages or destroys any computer, computer system, computer network, computer software, computer program, computer database, World Wide Web site or telecommunication device or any part thereof; or
(3) intentionally or knowingly and without authorization gives or publishes a password, identifying code, personal identification number or other confidential information about a computer, computer system, computer network, computer database, World Wide Web site or telecommunication device.
So it appears one of two ways of thinking are in play:
  1. Electronic communications are inherently interstate, and thus should not be being prosecuted by the governor of Missouri or his agents
  2. Electronic communications are NOT inherently interstate, and a resident of Pennsylvania could access a web page such as the one described by NPR (or any other publicly facing web page), and publish whatever is found as long as one does not exceed one's authorization or "deprive" anyone (eg, by querying so rapidly the server crashes)
Please help me understand which of these scenarios is accurate ... is the governor of Missouri wrong to prosecute this reporter? Or is it open season on systems accessed via an internet connection in PA if one simply queries without exceeding authorization?
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2021.10.23 01:27 Party_Presence_8028 Fair Launch Coming up for [BallisticShiba] next 100x gem on BSC

----‐----------------------------------------------------------- πŸ’« $BALLISTICSHIBA πŸ’«
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Twitter: BallisticShiba
⏱️ Countdown TBA
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2021.10.23 01:27 Yeeetmyspaghet Riot gave me an unfair penalty

So yesterday i was playing a game of unrated, but then i dodged because my teammates were throwing, so when i came back to the lobby, i got a 1 hour and a half ban, so i waited it out, i put myself on the competitive page to wait for my friends, and when i came back an hour and a half later, i got a one week ban from comp, just because i was in the lobby. How is this fair Riot?
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2021.10.23 01:27 Sandy-17 Naagin dance

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2021.10.23 01:27 purplecrayon6 Confused about another thing...

Hey I just watched squid game and one more thing I'm confused about is...
If they care so much about having a fair game and having everyone be on the same level WHY DID THE OLD MAN GET TO PLAY? How is that fair...wouldn't he have known what the games he wasn't even killed
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2021.10.23 01:27 PuzzleheadedGuide871 What type of pain do you feel after nuss surgery? Is it bone pain?

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