alright guys, i think this would be a great idea (get a low % chance to drop rates for the skins)

Ready to drop, shock, and rock the Outlands? Bangalore hasn’t had the best of luck throughout her Apex career. Her Ultimate is constantly being tweaked to improve her pick rate (6% as of Feb ’21). Luckily, her bad luck of skins has been changing recently. Why not give Bangalore the... Summer: 31 Part Series: Summer (4.57): A coming of age story. One girl and four boys. NonConsent/Reluctance 03/10/08: Summer Ch. 02 (4.64): The summer continues. NonConsent/Reluctance 04/01/08 This is a list of voice emote jokes for each race and each gender. Because of the way player characters work, these lines are accessed via the /silly slash command.. These jokes are partially a descendant of "repeated click" responses from the real time strategy (RTS) games, wherein you could repeatedly click on a unit and it would begin saying strange things after a few clicks. The Maldives is a fascinating country to travel to independently, not least because it’s only been possible to do so for the past decade. Now, guesthouses are springing up on local islands on a weekly basis, offering budget travellers an affordable way to explore the country. I don’t think a lot of these guys get that.” Verona looked down at a pair of boys who were curled up by a locker, one sitting practically in the other’s lap. They were making out, with pretty heavy touchy-feely stuff, fingers in hair, ignoring the rest of the world as kids ran by with scissors. The Last Taboo Sexuality - 51 min - ★ 8.01 The Last Taboo conveys a captivating and comforting story...; Digital Food Health - 47 min - ★ 7.81 It is estimated that by the year 2050, the world population...; Programming of Life Conspiracy - 44 min - ★ 6.99 It is a good deceiving religion documentary film that...; Green Death of the Forests Environment - 47 min - ★ 8.99 Green Death of ... Carries and supports like to huddle together even more than usual while on low health, so there is a very real chance of killing them both with one shot if you arrive at the right moment. Once picked into the right scenario, Shyvana becomes one of the strongest champions in the entire game. Play Minecraft Java Edition with a Controller! 1.17+ coming soon, please be patient! 📖 About. Unlike Bedrock Edition, the Java Edition of Minecraft does not allow players to use a controller to play the game. I ventured into the depths of Garry's workshop submissions, gained 40 experience levels on my quest, became the Queen of a small tribe, was dethroned from said tribe when they realized I had no idea what was going on, fought enemies off with nothing but a sharp stick, and almost starved to death. The Zan-Tien Lasso drop chance isn't too bad, three of us obtained it within 20-50minutes of farming, obviously a small sample size but likelihood of it being a tiny drop chance is slim, all of us obtained it from a Zan-Tien named mob, I did try to farm the Baruk after id obtained the mount but was unable to get a Lasso drop, so it either means ...

2021.10.23 01:57 Forsaken-Emphasis548 alright guys, i think this would be a great idea (get a low % chance to drop rates for the skins)

get 2% of commons skins in military case
Get 3% of rare skins in legendary case
Get 1% of epics skins in legendary case
Get 0.50% of LEGENDARY skins in legendary case
I hope y’all like my idea.
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2021.10.23 01:57 walshieboys What?

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2021.10.23 01:57 fluffyyteddybear Does this count as a diagnosis? Need help filling out a form.

Currently filling out a questionnaire for counselling that is asking me if I have ever been diagnosed with mental health issues or illnesses. This may sound stupid, but I don't exactly know if I have a diagnosis.
Earlier this year, I was struggling a lot and spoke to a psychiatrist who told me it sounded like I have anxiety. They never said anything about an anxiety disorder. Just said that my anxiety seemed pretty bad and I could take medicine for it if I wanted. Long story short, my parents didn't want me to take medicine and I never saw or heard from the psychiatrist again. I did however see a counselor for 4ish months for my anxiety.
So I'm wondering if I should put this under mental illness diagnosis? Or would I just put this under "issues you are wishing to work on". I just want to make sure I am taken seriously even without an official diagnosis (had some not so great previous experiences)

Side note: I didn't meet with the psychiatrist in person (talked over zoom) and never got any documents or anything saying I was diagnosed with a disorder. (My parents say a meeting over zoom isn't enough to diagnose someone and that I have no paper evidence. Also the dr never followed up with me so I'm assuming my anxiety wasn't enough to be considered a disorder?)
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2021.10.23 01:57 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy Yearn Land (YLAND) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.23 01:57 Garfield_Rectum Is this a good list? How compatible is it. Any professional opinion would be appreciated. Sorry if this is the wrong sub Reddit for this.

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2021.10.23 01:57 Grrr77 19m anyone wanna have some fun tonight?

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2021.10.23 01:57 False-Fisherman [Highlight] Lebron James suddenly loses interest in playing after stopping a Phoenix fast break

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2021.10.23 01:57 A_Piece_of_Dirt You gotta play strategies

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2021.10.23 01:57 Anarcho-Pacifrisk OwO

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2021.10.23 01:57 Yakub_Abdaal GWAR

Hey all,
I was wondering if you guys had any tips when preparing for the GWAR. From some I heard that if you speak basic english it is really easy, and from others I have heard it is quite hard. Do you guys have any tips on how to study for it and how hard/easy did you guys think it was.
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2021.10.23 01:57 Accomplished_Page643 Question is fine but the *comment* on the other hand....

Question is fine but the *comment* on the other hand....
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2021.10.23 01:57 the1rayman After day 1 of SoCal open the usual suspects sit atop. Without nerfing, what kind of army would need to enter the meta to shake it up?

Today I was in discord with my 40k friends watching the SoCal Open, all of them are new players (less than a year). I got all of them into 40k so for better or for worse they tend to come to me with questions. And all of them were like "Rayman, if GW isn't going to nerf Drukari and Admec more, what kind of army needs to enter the scene to change things?". I didn't have an answer ready, and the more I thought about it, I couldn't think of what the correct answer is without just copying what makes Admec and DE so good.
So what is the right answer. Forget about what is likely to happen, if we were going to drop a new Dex that forced DE and Admec to shift their lists that would bring them back into line with the rest of the pack.
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2021.10.23 01:57 Cumallovermepapa I’m thinking about getting a quest 2 is phasmophobia on it though?

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2021.10.23 01:57 UnconstructiveTab Is only being in games with level 500s normal?

How come I (level. 192) constantly get put in games with seemingly only level 500 players who don't miss that also have brand new/blank steam accounts? Am I missing something or do you just have to be a god at the game to play on normal mode without spending 20min looting and get merked by a 500 with a micro uzi from 50m away?
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2021.10.23 01:57 Flimsy-Pea-489 Poo on my walls

So I’m thankful for all our pest problems to have resolved after a call to pest control. It was getting out of hand. But I have a question for some of you.
I love the lizards and geckos we have scurrying around. I like to think of them as my little friends. But they’re pooping on my walls…… is this just something to get used to?
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2021.10.23 01:57 AliLevine 211023 Instagram Update with Yeri

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2021.10.23 01:57 poochinthehouse Details On TBS Championship Tournament Revealed

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2021.10.23 01:57 YoboyKo I recently bought my first pair of the triple s and they feel tight asf around the toe box area. I wear a 11.5 to 12 in US but I got a size 11 which is 44 in EU. Do you think I should size up to a 45 next time?

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2021.10.23 01:57 kilzfillz long term

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2021.10.23 01:57 littlepup26 Aren't you not supposed to "consolidate" cambros of the same ingredients that were opened on different dates?

I started working in a new bakery two months ago and they consolidate foods. Two cambros of cake batter we made on different days? Consolidate. Lemon juice that was juiced on different days? Consolidate. Opened a new can of pumpkin puree because you forgot there was already a small container of it in the fridge? Consolidate.
I was under the impression we weren't supposed to do this but my KM says otherwise. Am I wrong?
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2021.10.23 01:57 Puzzleheaded-Low8899 Mon Body rouge...Bisous..Karine 😊

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2021.10.23 01:57 mikerhoa I have kicked Julianna to death well over a dozen times now, and I don't know how to feel about it...

Haven't seen a thread about this technique yet, so here goes...
It feels like a cheese, but I'm not about to get lured into an ambush or engage in an endless sniper battle. So as soon as she spawns I head right after her and start kicking her like I'm auditioning for the Rockettes.
The resulting cheap stun locks are brutally effective and as soon as she hits the ground out comes the machete and it's a wrap.
I can only imagine how frustrating it is to deal with this on the other end. My apologies.
I have a feeling they're gonna patch this before long.
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2021.10.23 01:57 Evening-Kiwi Removing black Plastic ring attached to rear seat lock (Ducati 848,1098,1198)

Hey guys, Im absolutely frustrated... Im replacing the tail section on my 848 and trying to move the key hole to the new tail. Ive disassembled everything on the tail except the key part. I cant get that black plastic ring threaded to the key hole off (the one with the 4 notches) , I probably don't have the right tool for it, do you guys know how to remove it ?
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2021.10.23 01:57 medvedned Cursed_doxx

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2021.10.23 01:57 ThatCannibalGuy 24 [M4F] US/Anywhere, looking for something but I don't know what yet

Hey all, as the title says I'm 24 and from the US. I recently started a new job working at a place with my best friend and while it can be long and tiring the people there are good for the most part and the work isn't too stressful.
The point I'm getting to though, is outside of work beside my best friend I don't really have anyone to talk to and I'd kinda like to change that.
I'm not looking for anything too specific, even a platonic friendship is completely fine by me, but I suppose before even that I should tell you a bit about myself first.
I'm really into music, I for sure will bring it up a lot, as it's really what holds my life together more than anything lol. I am more than happy sharing songs together or just ranting about our favorites. Some of my favorite genres include folk/punk/indie rock and sad rap, though I like all sorts of genres those are just my usual go-to.
I suppose I'm a gamer, although I don't really actually do much gaming anymore, it's still a huge part of my life and down to talk about whatever when it comes to it.
I'm LQBTQ+ friendly and feel when it comes to people telling me about themselves or their problems, I'm a pretty good listener.
I'm not gonna try to sugarcoat myself too hard though, as I believe everybody has flaws. I have struggled with mental health issues for over a decade now as I'm sure you can see through my post history of whatever I didn't delete after some time, I don't have a problem talking about it really but I won't ever make it your problem to be my therapist. (Unless you really wanted to for some reason lol.) I haven't always been the greatest of friends to everyone and I'm sorry for that, I'm hoping that's something I can work on improving more nowadays, hence why I'm making a post like this.
Anyways, hope I didn't give you too much to read, if you are interested in getting to know me feel free to message or ask anything you wanna know. I don't mind moving the conversation off Reddit but I'd like to get to know you a little better first.
And to anyone who might have messaged me before but for whatever reason nothing came of it, I implore you to try again, as I said before I'm trying to be a better friend.
Hope to hear from you soon.
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