Piano per il 2030

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2021.12.02 11:57 KanyePorci Piano per il 2030

1 Sconfiggere la povertà = reddito universale di base di 800 euro al mese giusto per sopravvivere in appartamentini squallidi di 20mq
2 Sconfiggere la fame = agricoltura ogm più produttiva ma in cui puoi più facilmente mettere le sostanze che vuoi per controllare la salute fisica e mentale delle persone
3 Salute e benessere = vaccini obbligatori, rilevazione biometrica costante e totale
4 Istruzione di qualità = indottrinamento volto a far ritenere obsoleti, tra gli altri, i concetti di privacy e libertà
5 Parità di genere = eliminazione delle differenze fisiche tra i due sessi, bambini prodotti in vitro
6 Acqua pulita e servizi igienico sanitari = acqua con sostanze volte a facilitare il controllo mentale; ipermedicalizzazione
7 Energia pulita e accessibile = no combustione perché permette all'individuo di fare scorte facilmente, sì elettrico perché richiede accesso alla smart grid
8 Lavoro dignitoso e crescita economica = i robot e le IA ci ruberanno il lavoro
9 Imprese, innovazione e infrastrutture = digitalizzazione forzata; telecamere, antenne e sensori vari ovunque
10 Ridurre le disuguaglianze = rendere la popolazione etnicamente omogenea, quindi più facile da controllare
11 Città e comunità sostenibili = vivere in affitto in mini appartamentini squallidi, con acqua elettricità razionate
12 Consumo e produzione responsabili = no produzione autonoma di cibo ed energia, produzione oligopolizzata da governi e multinazionali certificate green
13 Lotta al cambiamento climatico = again, austerità, prodotti e servizi razionati e subordinati alla tua obbedienza (punteggio sociale e pagamento con dati biometrici)
14 Vita sott'acqua = niente da dire, ci sta
15 Vita sulla terra = ok
16 Pace, giustizia e istituzioni solide = governo mondiale
17 Partnership per gli obiettivi = collaborazione tra governi e multinazionali per attuare quanto sopra.
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2021.12.02 11:57 MageWithoutMP What is a game that looks rather unappealing (cover art, licensed game, you name it) but it's surprisingly fun to play?

A couple of examples:

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2021.12.02 11:57 MichealScott1991 Is it okay to listen to music while working as a cleaner as per UK work rules?

My friend's employer told him he can't, and he works as a cleaner in a care home. But I think she's just making up rules.
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2021.12.02 11:57 thiccwoomy first match of the day

Amazing when i have to go against a lightspamming turtling pussy kyoshin and a rep 70 valk that absolutely destroys me in every single way
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2021.12.02 11:57 kade1064 The Spinoff WE NEED From Amphibia!

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2021.12.02 11:57 apsando This came to me after seeing the clip from his FSU show

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2021.12.02 11:57 llMude13ll Trying to find parts for Tokyo Marui Glock 18c

I recently bought a Tokyo Marui glock 18c that needs some parts replaced. Does anybody know of what websites would be the best place to find them.
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2021.12.02 11:57 TheMrsG15 Getting festive for the season!

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2021.12.02 11:57 gucci_millennial ESP8266 current draw when reset pin pulled low

I am working on a solar powered weather station which uses a wemos d1 mini as the brains.
In order to protect the battery i'm using a 3.3v voltage detector (KA75330) to pull the reset pin to ground when the battery goes below 3.3v.
The issue is that even when the reset pin is pulled to ground, the ESP8266 still draws 30-40 mA. Even more at lower voltages.
This will drain the battery to the point where it will never recover using just solar power...
Any ideas if this is normal? I would expect the ESP8266 to draw very little current while the reset pin is pulled low.
I need to keep the circuit as power efficient as possible
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2021.12.02 11:57 RealJarHead11 Has anyone's VHS's ship out yet/arrive yet?

On this subreddit I have seen so many damn issues arise regarding the VHS arriving, with some people getting their shipping labels cancelled with 0 communication from anyone. I wanna know if these issues are widespread and I should prepare myself, or if it's just a small thing.
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2021.12.02 11:57 Beltboypussy Based?

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2021.12.02 11:57 V5RYY Where to start ? Liquid DnB

Hi everyone
Recently downloaded Logic Pro trial and I have signed up for Loopcloud trial too
I have the very very basics of a track together. Couple audio clips from Monrroe’s sample pack and I have added some drums in.
Where could I find out how to create more of a track?
Is there any main things you need in a track etc
Any good YouTube pages ? I taught myself how to mix through YouTube and decided to give producing a go
Any help / advice or any pages to get started up on would be a massive help
Someone point me in the right direction !
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2021.12.02 11:57 filmalcoholic [Question] How to use movie trailers with out getting a strike on my video?

I'm working on a project where we review movies, shows and games, and I want to show the full movie trailer in my review as we talk over it. My worry is that I will get copyright strikes against my video/channel, is there a way around it? Will I not earn money on said videos because of it?
This is a project I want to do, but if its going to get me in hot water, and down the road not make any money then I would not go forward.
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2021.12.02 11:57 bsiegelwax Not a thorough review, but an introduction to QuTech's Quantum Network Explorer.

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2021.12.02 11:57 artie_reddit As it should be EZ Clap

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2021.12.02 11:57 Rhys_Willz12 Average Tyler The Creator Enjoyer 😎

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2021.12.02 11:57 evidenthought I think when they do DLC for this game it should be free. There’s no excuse for them launching the game with only five boards, then charging us to get more. No sure why people would be ok with that

I think when they do DLC for this game it should be free. There’s no excuse for them launching the game with only five boards, then charging us to get more. No sure why people would be ok with that submitted by evidenthought to MARIOPARTY [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 11:57 Lumpy-Yesterday-6687 The BOI Army Of Random, Destroyers Of Normal

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2021.12.02 11:57 DeweyRyan BUBBLE CASH PROMO CODE

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2021.12.02 11:57 jacksnyders little embroidery i did

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2021.12.02 11:57 Rhelvetican What is your favorite reddit post of 2021?

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2021.12.02 11:57 EmbarrassedLobster37 What new inventions in tech in the past few years allowed wifi signals to become much stronger than the early 2000 Linksys router days?

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2021.12.02 11:57 mbell37 This game needs footstep sounds

There is no reason why we shouldnt have them. Heavy ass spartans lumbering around in super advanced battle suits. We shoukd be able to hear footsteps of a guy sprinting at you with a 100lbs hammer from 10 feet away. It would add so much to this game, as it is you either rely on the useless radar that doesnt work or you don't because you are playing ranked. I honestly cant believe it took them 6 years to develope this bare bones multiplayer.
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2021.12.02 11:57 borumdalism youth in korea / reto 3d / kodak gold 200

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2021.12.02 11:57 LeftUnite47 Zarah Sultana On Islamophobia and the lack of solidarity from keir starmer

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