More like try and get in on the reel , tangle up in the slack, and fall in the river

2021.12.02 13:40 jimbotriceps More like try and get in on the reel , tangle up in the slack, and fall in the river

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2021.12.02 13:40 No_Translator_9984 create 2nd version for $COMET

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2021.12.02 13:40 Tanckom How to use a custom package and continue developping it?

We're having several applications and am in the process of converting them all to React in the near future. We hired a Designer to design UI components for the company, which we would like to use across all applications, as an npm dependency package.
We've installed our components package, that we host on on a private gitlab repo, with the git+ssh://{branch|tag}\ (Found here) command and that seems to work fine.
Now, however, the issue is, how do we continue develop on this package? For now, if we want to change anything, we have to do so in a dedicated directory for this package, which is git tracked. Then we push the changes to gitlab, and then install the updates with npm in the applications we need them.
Is there no way that we can install a custom package, and have it git tracked, so we can see changes immediately?
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2021.12.02 13:40 stonerelctropunkjazz PLAYOFFS!!!!!!
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2021.12.02 13:40 dan-art2 [For Hire] Hi guys, how are you? I'm opening commission for initial semi-realistic erotic art $60

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2021.12.02 13:40 EatinBeav 2nd Gen check engine light P0128

Hey fellas, I’m running a 170 degree Mishimoto thermostat and with the winter here in WA I popped a check engine light for too low of coolant temps. My temps after running are about 162-175. Any ideas on if it’s a bad thermostat or if I should bleed the coolant system? Running an MPT tune and had them double check my logs and they said everything is within spec, but my computer still throws the light for low temps.
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2021.12.02 13:40 GuessForGames Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Jonah Vasquez Trailer

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2021.12.02 13:40 enzo2006-based troll

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2021.12.02 13:40 Depressed_bitch69 I keep the frog from wensday (his name is buddy)

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2021.12.02 13:40 Glum_Hospital_4103 How do you deal with your panic attacks in a public setting?

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2021.12.02 13:40 Top-Train-8890 When the teacher asks, "define risk".

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2021.12.02 13:40 impishchuckles Ndad taught my siblings abusive behaviors and ruined my reputation. How do I earn respect again?

Growing up, my Nfather isolated every family member from each other and caused me to be suspicious of everyone except him because he's "misunderstood". One way he isolated us was by talking shit behind each family member's back and even taught me to hate my mother when she had done nothing wrong. Another way he did this is that when he was abusive to one of the family members, I would copy what he did and he would tell my siblings "Oh look at how abusive and power-hungry impish is!". Ndad has also used this as a way to put me below the other siblings even though I'm the oldest. He used to talk to me behind my mother's back to get me to hate her and even taught me the different ways to mentally abuse her, and now that I don't buy into his bullcrap anymore, he's been more abusive towards me.
I live regretting copying his abusive behavior as a teen and am a completely different person now. I'm not vengeful, spiteful, and I don't hold grudges. My siblings have learned the same behaviors and take advantage of me regularly, but they would gaslight me and accuse me of being "immature" when I fight back.
Now that I've moved away to college, I KNOW he's talking behind my back about me because of how they've treated me over Thanksgiving break.
My brother came to me and told me "Dad wants you to do ___".
I was immediately suspicious and asked, "Didn't he actually tell you to do it?"
He smirked and was like "Well...yeah. But you have to do it since I'm working on something with him rn."
He had done this before, and I wasn't going to just take it this time for the sake of avoiding conflict, "Well if he sent you to do it, he'll be fine with you taking some time out of helping him to do it. I'm busy with making dinner and packing to go back to school."
"C'mon impish, stop being immature. Just do it."
"No, do it yourself."
He tries to pressure me a little more to no avail. He disappears for a few minutes and comes back.
"Dad asked you to do it."

So far, I've been able to patch the relationship with my mother and I realize that he almost made me miss out on being best friends with her, and he HATES that. So that's one relationship he destroyed that I've been able to restore.
But how in the world am I going to fix my relationship with my siblings if they believe Ndad's lies and still treat me this way?

tl;dr My dad taught my siblings abusive behaviors and talks shit about me behind my back. I still want a healthy relationship with them even though they regularly take advantage of me. How do I earn their respect again?
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2021.12.02 13:40 Retouchess 🐻‍❄NFT GIVEAWAY🐻‍❄‍ JUST UPVOTE & READ THE COMMENT BELOW👀👇👇! 24H⏰

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2021.12.02 13:40 tdithers Nods to Mods Interview: Honey Add-on for Quake

Full dislcaimer below. TL;DR: We're not Bethesda staff, this is an automated post.
Filthy Casual Links

From Quake players are in for a treat with our latest free Add-on! Players of our re-release of the classic FPS that changed it all can now dive into Honey, at atmospheric trip through a fog-laden village with a dark secret beneath the surface.
To celebrate this fan-favorite mod making its Add-on debut, we got in touch with the mod’s creator and Senior Level Designer at MachineGames, Christian Grawert, to get a closer look at what makes this Honey so sweet – enjoy!
SLAYERS CLUB: What was your first experiences with Quake?
CHRISTIAN GRAWERT: I watched someone else play it on a demo PC set up in a computer shop in 1996. I didn’t understand much of what was happening on the screen at first, but I could tell it was something special. I didn’t get much chance to play it for myself properly until I got it as a Christmas gift from my sisters and ever since then it’s been my favorite FPS game.
SC: What got you into Quake modding?
CG: I remember purchasing an unofficial expansion pack that came with an editor. It was an incredibly obtuse piece of software with practically no documentation and I didn’t have any internet back then. I didn’t manage to create anything worthwhile using that but eventually I downloaded WorldCraft shareware at school and managed to bring it back home on some floppy discs. A bit later I was introduced to IRC, joined some Quake channels, and spent most of my late teens talking about Quake and mapping with a bunch of weird but wonderful people.
QUAKE HONEY in-body 1
SC: What tools did you use to create this Add-on?
CG: Originally I made it using WorldCraft and some tools I wrote myself. For this release though I’ve gone through and updated the levels using TrenchBroom. I was a bit slow with getting started with TrenchBroom, but after getting used to it I couldn’t imagine using anything else these days.
SC: What was your main inspiration for this Add-on?
CG: It’s a bit of a mix of things. One very big inspiration was a trip I had to Siena, Italy. The old city center there has some very narrow streets surrounded by surprisingly tall medieval brick houses and it looks fairly modern, almost like some 19th century industrial sites.
Another inspiration was some areas around South bank/Southwark in London, where you also get these massive brick facades that are rather sparsely decorated but still quite beautiful in their own way. Same thing with the Speicherstadt area in Hamburg, Germany.
QUAKE HONEY in-body 10
Another event that inspired me was that around that time the first gameplay trailers for Diablo III came out, and one of them had some gameplay in an underground catacomb area where the player was traversing some weird bridge/aqueduct looking structures over a seemingly bottomless void. I remember thinking “what a weird looking space”, and that planted a seed that eventually became the big open room with the multi-level bridges in Sheer Hellish Miasma.
SC: What is your individual approach to level design?
CG: I’m not really sure if I have real approach to the actual design, I usually just go by my gut feeling. I try to work with both the visual and the gameplay aspects intermixed, letting one inform the other and vice-versa. I have a hard time approaching a level either from a pure gameplay standpoint and doing blockouts, or from a purely visual point of view. These two are so closely interconnected that it makes no sense for me to look at just one aspect.
I also like playing around with what happens when two different types of environments meet each other. No matter if you’re doing something real world or fantastical, your location is placed somewhere, and in those places where somewhere crosses over to somewhere else, that’s where you can get exciting things happening.
And whenever possible, I strive to push the player into lava or a pit of Spawns.
QUAKE HONEY in-body 5
SC: What was/were the biggest challenge(s)/hurdle(s) you had in making this Add-on?
CG: For the original release, it was definitely the compile times and technical limits. For (the Add-on version) though, using the features of modern compile tools, compiling all the maps in one big batch takes less than 10 minutes. I also spent an unnecessary long time teaching myself Terragen to render out a skybox for the start map, but I think it looks alright in the end.
SC: Now that you’re Senior Level Designer at MachineGames, do you still dabble in making Quake mods yourself, or keep up with the latest community creations?
CG: I like to have side projects I can distract myself with after work, so there’s always some scrap levels lying about. We also have our weekly Quake Club at Machine Games where we try to keep ourselves entertained by showing off things that we make.
SC: Anybody else at MachineGames that you’d like to give kudos to for their chops at making Quake mods?
CG: Kudos to the entire Quake Club. It started up as just a way for us level designers to flex our design muscles outside of work, but we ended up creating a fantastic release with Dimension of the Machine. I’m super proud of us managing to pull that off when a lot of our team members had never even played Quake before.
QUAKE HONEY in-body 6
SC: What have you enjoyed most in the re-release of Quake on modern platforms?
CG: I’ve really loved seeing the reactions of so many people trying Quake for the first time and discovering why it’s considered such a classic FPS. And especially seeing so many people playing our levels and giving us love; that always warms my heart.
SC: Who’s your favorite modder or team of modders in the Quake community and what’s your favorite thing they’ve done?
CG: I am a big fan of the work that mfx does. What Bal has been doing to Quake lately is pretty wild and I had a lot of fun with the recent Dwell episode. I must admit I haven’t kept much of an eye on the Quake community for the past decade, but I am very happy to see that it is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence these days.
QUAKE HONEY in-body 7
SC: Wanna give any other shoutouts?
CG: Immeasurable gratitude to Spirit for running Quaddicted and his tireless effort of archiving everything Quake.
Big thanks to SleepwalkR (TrenchBroom) and ericw (compilers) who provide us with amazing tools that enable ever greater works of art.
Big thanks to all those people who tolerated me hanging out in IRC and being an idiot for all those years.
QUAKE HONEY in-body 8
SC: Now for maybe the most important question… Who at MachineGames is the dominant Deathmatch player at the office?
CG: Well it’s definitely not me. I can’t deathmatch my way out of a paper bag. I had to enable cheat codes to complete the tutorial level in Quake 3.
QUAKE HONEY in-body 9
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2021.12.02 13:40 collector312 [WTS] Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Earth (size 10) DS $500 OBO shipped/invoiced. Comment First - Feel free to Inquire about more pics

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2021.12.02 13:40 PreviousMood3563 Best neighborhoods with Christmas lights to see?

Where’s the best neighborhoods to check out? Bellingham/Ferndale areas. Thanks!
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2021.12.02 13:40 Swisschese62 Does a kjw m1911 co2 work in a t-rex arms 1911 ragnarok holster?

So i got to looking for a kydex holster for my 1911 and i founx the ragnarok, but does it fit the kjw 1911 co2?
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2021.12.02 13:40 GuessForGames Godfall: Challenger Edition - Reveal Trailer

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2021.12.02 13:40 JETLAG_studios Making a battle royale map in creative, if you wnat to help I will add you

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